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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid N1/2010 Spain 21.04.2010 State aid to Basque museums
State Aid N158/2010 Germany 21.09.2010 Fußballmuseum Dortmund
State Aid N275/2010 Austria 22.07.2010 Indemnity guarantee for Albertina exhibition
State Aid N293/2008 Hungary 26.11.2008 Cultural Aid for multifunctional community cultural centres, museums, public libraries and complementary higher education centres
State Aid N312/2010 Poland 04.11.2010 Compensation of costs incurred for the provision of services which are statutory exempted from postage fees
State Aid N318/2010 Latvia 30.08.2010 Support for private owners of cultural monuments in the restoration and preservation of cultural heritage through effective use of the socio-economic potential thereof
State Aid N377/2007 Netherlands 28.11.2007 "Bataviawerf - reconstruction d'un bateau du 17ème siècle"
State Aid N471/2008 Slovenia 11.02.2009 Lipica Horses
State Aid N540/2008 Hungary 08.04.2009 Cultural aid from Norwegian Funds
State Aid N568/2009 Poland 06.07.2010 Aid measures with a cultural objective under the Regional Development Operational Programme "Innovative Economy"
State Aid NN27/2009 Hungary 13.07.2009 Aid for mobility of museum collections in Hungary
State Aid NN67/2010 Poland 14.12.2010 Aide à obtenir la mine de sel de Bochnia - Pologne
State Aid SA.32043 Cyprus Σχέδιο κινήτρων για επενδύσεις αειφόρου εμπλουτισμού και αναβάθμισης του τουριστικού προϊόντος (2η προκήρυξη)
State Aid SA.32305 Germany Richtlinie zur Förderung des Ausbaus und der Modernisierung der kulturellen Infrastruktur sowie der Inwertsetzung kulturellen Erbes durch kulturtouristische Schwerpunkte (Kulturförderrichtlinie)
State Aid SA.33433 Czech Republic 22.12.2011 Green Knowledge Centre/ Open-air museum, Town of Bystřice nad Pernštejnem
State Aid SA.33470 Hungary 22.12.2011 Hungarian cultural heritage
State Aid SA.34462 Latvia 02.05.2013 Programme "Culture"
State Aid SA.34466 Cyprus 07.11.2012 Center for Visual Arts and Research (Costas and Rita Severis Foundation)
State Aid SA.34517 United Kingdom The Yorkshire Content Fund
State Aid SA.34675 Czech Republic 22.08.2012 Cultural grant system of the city of Ostrava
State Aid SA.35368 Hungary 20.12.2012 Cultural Aid from the EEA and Norvegian Mechanism
State Aid SA.35529 Czech Republic 16.04.2013 Digitization of books in libraries
State Aid SA.35909 Czech Republic 02.07.2013 Infrastructure for tourism (NUTS II region Southeast)
State Aid SA.36221 Poland 08.07.2013 Modification of the aid to promote cultural heritage conservation in salt mine of Bochnia (ex NN 67/2010)
State Aid SA.36222 Poland 08.07.2013 Modification of the aid to promote cultural heritage conservation in salt mine of Wieliczka (ex NN 66/2010)
State Aid SA.36361 Czech Republic 19.12.2013 Program CZ 06 "Cultural heritage and Contemporary Art"
State Aid SA.36581 Greece 06.11.2013 Construction of Archeological Museum Messara Crete
State Aid SA.36678 Slovakia 06.11.2013 Schéma štátnej pomoci posilnenia kultúrneho potenciálu regiónov
State Aid SA.37043 Hungary 11.09.2013 Cultural Aid for multifunctional community cultural centres, museums, public libraries and complementary higher education centres
State Aid SA.37225 Latvia projektu iesniegumu atklātais konkurss "Kompleksi risinājumi siltumnīcefekta gāzu emisiju samazināšanai" - III kārta
State Aid SA.37923 Croatia 29.07.2014 Book publishing programme for the period 2014-2016
State Aid SA.38122 Poland 10.06.2014 Aid to promote heritage conservation in the 'Guido' and 'Królowa Luiza' coal mines
State Aid SA.38391 Estonia 28.07.2014 State compensation of damage incurred by an owner of an international exhibition
State Aid SA.38821 Romania Schema de ajutor de stat pentru sprijinirea investiţiilor care promovează dezvoltarea regională prin crearea de locuri de muncă.
State Aid SA.39162 Belgium 6 JULI 2012. - Decreet houdende het Vlaams cultureel-erfgoedbeleid
State Aid SA.39163 Belgium Protection of exceptional moveable cultural assets in Flanders
State Aid SA.39168 Belgium Decreet betreffende het Lokaal Cultuurbeleid
State Aid SA.39183 Latvia The rules of the operational program " Entrepreneurship and Innovation" - "High value-added investments" ( decisions adopted with effect from July 1 , 2014 )
State Aid SA.39187 Belgium Cultuureducatie (Vitamine C)
State Aid SA.39193 Belgium Daarkom, Vlaams Marokkaans Culturenhuis
State Aid SA.39194 Belgium Investeringssubsidies voor culturele infrastructuur met bovenlokaal belang
State Aid SA.39195 Belgium VIA Social Profit (Paritair Comité 329)
State Aid SA.39202 Belgium Lotto-Middelen
State Aid SA.39204 Belgium Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren
State Aid SA.39306 Belgium De RAnd - FeliXart Museum
State Aid SA.39307 Belgium Studiecentrum voor Vlaamse Muziek
State Aid SA.39320 Belgium Memoriaaldecreet
State Aid SA.39321 Belgium subsidies voor competentieontwikkeling in een internationaal cultureel-erfgoedperspectief
State Aid SA.39523 Austria ERP - Tourismusprogramm (Teil: Regionalbeihilfen)


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