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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid N108/2009 Spain 30.07.2009 Valencian film production support
State Aid N120/2010 Spain 21.10.2010 State Aid to the Flamenco sector in Andalusia
State Aid N122/2010 Hungary 13.12.2010 State aid to Danube Cultural Palace - Hungary
State Aid N132/2009 Spain 01.07.2009 Publishing aid for Basque literature
State Aid N139/2010 Spain 12.05.2010 Promotion of the Basque language in 2010 (Spain)
State Aid N170/2010 Lithuania 15.11.2010 Financial support for cinema projects
State Aid N257/2007 Spain 27.06.2007 Subsidies for theatre productions in the Basque Country"
State Aid N28/2009 Belgium 12.05.2010 Soutien au cinema et a l'audiovisuel
State Aid N292/2009 Poland 26.10.2009 Modifications in the Polish film support scheme
State Aid N293/2008 Hungary 26.11.2008 Cultural Aid for multifunctional community cultural centres, museums, public libraries and complementary higher education centres
State Aid N324/2008 France 01.08.2008 Support to live performances - France
State Aid N336/2008 Spain 26.11.2008 Aid to experimental theatre, music and dance performances
State Aid N348/2009 Austria 23.07.2009 N 168/2007; Fernsehfilmförderungsfonds (FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA)
State Aid N386/2008 Germany 19.05.2009 Film aid in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
State Aid N420/2010 Spain 10.11.2010 State aid to "supramunicipal" cultural activities - Basque Country (Spain)
State Aid N446/2010 France 23.02.2011 Aide aux projets pour les nouveaux médias
State Aid N464/2008 Netherlands 04.12.2008 Cultural Investment Funds
State Aid N477/2008 Germany 10.12.2008 German film support scheme
State Aid N492/2009 Belgium 03.12.2009 Soutien au genre dramatique télévisé de qualité supérieure
State Aid N524/2009 Netherlands 22.12.2009 New regulation for the support of feature films in the Netherlands.
State Aid N540/2008 Hungary 08.04.2009 Cultural aid from Norwegian Funds
State Aid N564/2009 Latvia 27.04.2010 Support for private owners of cultural monuments in the restoration and preservation of cultural heritage through effective use of the socio-economic potential thereof
State Aid N577/2008 Spain 23.01.2009 Aid for production of theatre, music and dance
State Aid N626/2008 Spain 12.01.2009 State aid to "supramunicipal" cultural activities - Basque Country (Spain)
State Aid N661/2009 Austria 24.02.2010 Indemnity scheme for federal museums 2010-2015
State Aid N70/2009 United Kingdom 10.03.2009 Northern Ireland Screen Fund (the "Screen Fund")
State Aid N82/2007 Spain 10.05.2007 Book promotion in the Basque Country
State Aid N97/2010 France 12.10.2010 Mesure de réduction du coût d’usage de la musique en ligne
State Aid NN10/2009 Ireland 10.03.2009 Irish film support scheme
State Aid SA.20829 Italy 19.12.2012 Italy - Scheme concerning the municipal real estate tax exemption granted to real estate used by non commercial entities for specific purposes


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