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Policy Area Case Number Member State Last Decision Date Title  
Merger M.2855 ELECTRABEL S.A. / ACEA S.P.A.
Cartel 37956 17.12.2002 Ronds à béton
Antitrust 38327 Centradia Group Ltd & Others
Cartel 38344 30.06.2010 Pre-stressing steel
Cartel 39563 24.06.2015 Retail Food Packaging
Cartel 39610 02.04.2014 Power cables
State Aid C14/2007 Italy 16.07.2008 Restructuring aid to NGP
State Aid C16/2006 Italy 30.09.2009 Restructuring aid to Nuova Mineraria Silius
State Aid C20/2010 Italy 11.06.2014 Société de gestion de l'aéroport de Stretto – SOGAS S.P.A..
State Aid C32/2004 Italy 23.11.2005 Fincantieri - Extention of three-year delivery limit for four cruise vessels
State Aid C38a/2004 Italy 19.11.2009 Preferential electricity tariff in favour of Alcoa
State Aid C48/2004 Italy 04.07.2006 Cantiere Navali di Termoli - extension of three-year delivery period for a product tanker
State Aid C71/1998 Italy 27.02.2002 SIRAP II
State Aid C75/1999 Italy 28.02.2001 Fiat Sata S.p.A - Melfi
State Aid C8/2001 Italy 13.11.2002 Aid to Pertusola Sud S.P.A.
State Aid C8/2003 Italy 26.11.2003 Development of pharmaceutical oral forms by the research institute "Cesare Serono S.p.A."
State Aid N102/2007 Italy 10.07.2007 GIV Verona S.p.A. - ISA S.p.A. Prise de participation dans une entreprise à conditions de marchè
State Aid N144/1999 Italy 02.02.2000 Environmental aid to Servola Spa
State Aid N157/1999 Italy 03.05.2000 PROJET SADAM-ISZ - RIBS S.P.A.
State Aid N170/2005 Italy 21.09.2005 Progetto Conserve Italia - Sviluppo Italia S.p.A. - Intervento a condizioni di mercato
State Aid N229/2001 Italy 07.08.2001 MSF 98 - Pompei Tech World S.P.A. for a leisure park
State Aid N27/2010 Italy 09.06.2010 IT - LIP - Fiat Powertrain Technologies in Verrone
State Aid N322/2003 Italy 17.09.2003 Fiat training aid
State Aid N337/2010 Italy 27.08.2010 Ad hoc aid to SMAT for investments in solar energy
State Aid N342/2004 Italy 14.10.2004 Sviluppo Italia S.p.a./Valle del Leo
State Aid N346/2004 Italy 16.03.2005 Environmental Aid - Altair Chimica
State Aid N368/2001 Italy 03.04.2002 Sucrerie Molise S.p.A. Projet de restructuration à moyen terme
State Aid N418/2010 Italy 16.11.2010 Aid for rescuingTirrenia di Navigazione S.p.A. in A.S.
State Aid N449/2008 Italy 17.06.2009 Interporto Campano S.p.A. - Transport combiné route-rail pour les container au départ du port de Naples