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Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
Merger M.4749 PSB / OVAKO
State Aid C3/2000 Netherlands 21.01.2003 Development aid to Indonesia
State Aid C6/2001 Netherlands 19.09.2001 Aide au développement Djibouti - 1 remorqueur
State Aid E45/2000 Netherlands 03.07.2001 Fiscal exemption in favour of Schipol Group (Amsterdam airport)
State Aid N185/2005 Netherlands 20.07.2005 Development aid to Vietnam-Shipbuilding
State Aid N192/2003 Netherlands 17.09.2003 Multi purpose ships for Sri Lanka
State Aid N200/2006 Netherlands 16.05.2006 Stadsherstelorganisaties - urban conservation agencies
State Aid N230/2000 Netherlands 31.01.2001 Development aid to Syria - 2 Tugs
State Aid N232/2000 Netherlands 31.01.2001 Development aid to Bangladesh - 1 tug
State Aid N244/2000 Netherlands 31.01.2001 Development aid to Sri Lanka - 1 Dredge
State Aid N314/2001 Netherlands 18.07.2001 Aide en faveur au développement du Vietnam
State Aid N315/2001 Netherlands 18.07.2001 Aide au développement en faveur du Yemen
State Aid N339/2003 Netherlands 18.09.2003 Temporary defensive measures for liquid natural gas tankers
State Aid N412/1999 Netherlands 29.09.1999 SHIPBUILDING AID SCHEME FOR 1999
State Aid N450/2004 Netherlands 02.02.2005 Development aid to Ghana-Tugboats
State Aid N455/2002 Netherlands 27.11.2002 Development aid to El Salvador
State Aid N48/2002 Netherlands 27.03.2002 Development aid to Jamaica
State Aid N545/2009 Netherlands 31.01.2011 Gestion de la nature et du paysage (aspects agricoles et forestiers)
State Aid N598/2002 Netherlands 05.02.2003 Development aid Sri Lanka, shipbuilding
State Aid N836/2001 Netherlands 27.11.2002 Aide au développement en faveur de la Colombie - Construction navale
State Aid SA.32622 Netherlands 21.03.2011 Modification du régime intitulé "Gestion de la nature et du paysage (aspects agricoles et forestiers)"
State Aid SA.35807 Netherlands 06.11.2013 Gestion de la nature et du paysage (aspects agricoles et forestiers)
State Aid SA.37961 Netherlands 21.06.2016 Model Regulation - Grant Scheme nature and landscape management
State Aid SA.38742 Netherlands 25.06.2014 Dutch innovation aid scheme for shipbuilding
State Aid SA.44730 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO subsidieverlening Restauratie NSDM scheepsbouwloods
State Aid SA.45811 Netherlands 01.09.2016 Subsidy Regulation Nature and Landscape management (SVNL)
State Aid SA.45970 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO Subsidieregeling natuur en landschapsbeheer binnen de Natura 2000 gebieden de Wieden en de Weerribben
State Aid SA.48028 Netherlands 17.05.2017 NL_BZK_CSDO Model Regulation - Grant Scheme Nature and Landscape management 2016 (SVNL 2016)
State Aid SA.48475 Netherlands NL-EZ-B&I/TOP Wijziging RNES, nieuwe titel 3.19 Duurzame Innovatieve Scheepsbouw


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