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State Aid

State Aid Cases

N814/2006 *CY* Cypriot Regional Aid Map 2007-2013

Member State: Cyprus
Primary Objective: Regional development
Legal basis primary: Art. 107(3)(c) TFEU Certain econ. activities/areas
Legal basis secondary: Regional - Regional Aid Guidelines, 2007-2013
Case Type: Scheme
Notification or Registration Date: 04.12.2006
DG Responsible: Competition DG
Related Cases: SA.37727
Decision on 24.01.2007: Decision not to raise objections
Press release: IP/07/79
Decision Text: Letter to the Member State - authentic language   el  pdf
  Letter to the Member State - working language   en  pdf
Publication on 24.03.2007: Official Journal: JOCE C/68/2007

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