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M.1672 VOLVO   / SCANIA  

Notification on: 22.09.1999
Provisional deadline: 23.03.2000
Prior publication in Official Journal: C277 Of 30.09.1999
Concerns economic activity (NACE): C.30.91 - Manufacture of motorcycles
Regulation: Council Regulation 4064/89
Decision(s): 15.03.2000: Art. 8(3)
                  L143 Of 29.05.2001
                  Press Release: IP/00/257
                  Celex: 32001D0403
                  de published on 19.08.2010
                  el published on 19.08.2010
                  es published on 19.08.2010
                  fi published on 19.08.2010
                  fr published on 19.08.2010
                  it published on 19.08.2010
                  sv published on 19.08.2010
                  pt published on 19.08.2010
                  da published on 19.08.2010

21.01.2000: Art. 18 (Statement of Objections)

25.10.1999: Art. 6(1)(c)
                  C324 Of 12.11.1999
                  Press Release: IP/99/793
                  Celex: 32001D0403

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