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The European Commission and the national competition authorities in all EU Member States cooperate with each other through the European Competition Network (ECN).

This creates an effective mechanism to counter companies which engage in cross-border practices restricting competition. As European competition rules are applied by all members of the ECN, the ECN provides means to ensure their effective and consistent application. Through the ECN, the competition authorities inform each other of proposed decisions and take on board comments from the other competition authorities. In this way, the ECN allows the competition authorities to pool their experience and identify best practices. Read more >

The Members of the ECN have also engaged in cooperation and exchange of best practices in the area of merger control by setting up an EU Merger Working Group. Read more >

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Commission publishes results of retail food study - 02 October 2014
The Commission has unveiled the results of a comprehensive study about the evolution of choice and innovation in food products in Europe during the last decade. The results show that the entry of new competitors always increases choice and innovation. In many Member States, retail markets are not overly concentrated, and the retailers' bargaining power does not seem to have a negative impact on choice and innovation. Finally, while choice for European citizens has continuously increased in shops since 2004, the number of innovations reaching the consumer each year has decreased since 2008 largely due to the economic crisis. The Commission is inviting stakeholders to submit their comments on the study results. (E-TF)
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