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Public consultations

Information request: Availability of short term export credit insurance for exports to Greece

Policy field

Competition: State aid

Target group

Member States, credit insurers and other interested parties.

Consultation period

From 06.11.2012 until 23.11.2012

Objective of the consultation

As a consequence of the difficult situation in Greece, a lack of insurance or reinsurance capacity to cover exports to Greece was observed in 2011. This led the Commission to amend the Communication of the Commission to the Member States pursuant to Article 93(1) of the EC Treaty applying Articles 92 and 93 of the Treaty to short-term export-credit insurance (Communication on short-term export-credit insurance) by temporarily removing Greece from the list of marketable risks countries. This modification is due to expire on 31 December 2012.

The Commission shall determine whether current market situation justifies the expiry of Greece's removal from the list of marketable risk countries in 2013, or whether a prolongation is needed.

In order to establish the availability of sufficient private capacity the Commission invites Member States, credit insurers and other interested parties to submit the following information:

  • (a) Private credit insurance capacity: availability of credit insurance from private insurers in all Member States in the course of 2012 (changes in the private capacity, withdrawals from or entries of private credit insurers to that market), quarterly data on the exposure to Greece per private insurer, per Member State for the last two quarters (number of requests, acceptance ratio, total insured turnover, and average premium charged).
  • (b) Activity of insurers acting on behalf or with State guarantee or the State itself in provision of short-term credit insurance for exports to Greece in 2012: availability of credit insurance in all Member States, number of requests, acceptance ratio, total insured turnover, and average premium charged in Member States concerned.
  • (c) Sovereign sector ratings: changes in Greece's credit ratings for the last six months.
  • (d) Corporate sector performance in Greece (e.g. insolvencies ratio in 2012, forecasts for 2013).
  • (e) Other relevant data and information.

How to submit your contribution

Please submit your contribution in an electronic format.

Please always indicate the reference number in your correspondence: HT.352

Due to the confidential nature of the information sought received contributions will not be published.
It is important to read the privacy statement attached to this consultation for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with.

Contact details

Directorate-General for Competition – Unit A3 State Aid Policy and Scrutiny.
For any questions please contact: Ms Justyna MAJCHER-WILLIAMS (00 32 2 29 93802; email: or Ms Adinda SINNAEVE (00 32 2 29 95077; e-mail:

Protection of personal data Privacy statement

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