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Public consultations

The future Commission Guidelines for State aid in the context of the amended EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Policy field

Competition: State aid

Target group

Member States, citizens, companies and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly sought from environmental-related organisations, industry associations subject to the EU ETS, associations, national and regional authorities

Period of consultation

From 11.03.2011 to 11.05.2011

Objective of the consultation

The purpose of this consultation is to invite Member States and stakeholders to express their views on the issue of financial support for indirect emission costs.

The EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) was introduced to reduce CO2 emissions and avoid climate change. For the 3rd trading period 2013-2020, the ETS Directive 2009/29/EC foresees that Member States may adopt financial measures in favour of sectors exposed to a significant risk of carbon leakage due to costs relating to greenhouse gas emissions passed on in electricity prices (indirect emission costs), in order to compensate for those costs in accordance with state aid rules. The Directive foresees that such support should only be granted where it is necessary and proportionate and should ensure that the EU ETS incentives to save energy and stimulate a shift in demand from ‘grey’ to ‘green’ electricity are maintained.

These provisions of the Directive are based on the premise that financial support for indirect emissions may be highly distortive, if it is not properly targeted to sectors that are at significant risk of carbon leakage due to indirect emissions and limited to the additional cost stemming from ETS-3 for the most efficient firms. Otherwise, aid would introduce economic distortions within the EU economy and have a detrimental impact on the efficiency of the EU ETS.

The Commission intends to adopt new State aid Guidelines that will define the detailed compatibility criteria of these state aid measures with the internal market.

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Reference documents and other, related consultations

Directive 2009/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 April 2009 amending Directive 2003/87/EC so as to improve and extend the greenhouse gas emission allowance trading scheme of the Community.

Contact details

Responsible service:
Directorate-General for Competition – Unit A3
Please always indicate the reference number of the document in your correspondence: "Consultation on ETS State aid Guidelines – HT 582"

Ref.: HT 582

Postal address:
European Commission
Directorate-General for Competition
Consultation on ETS State aid Guidelines – HT.582
State aid Registry
1049 Brussels
Fax (32-2) 296 12 42

View the contributions

  • Asociación Nacional de Electroquímica es
  • Asociación de Productores de Productos Petroliferos es
  • Association des Amidonniers et Féculiers (AAF) en
  • Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic en - annex en
  • Association of Large Energy Consumers en
  • Association européenne du Ciment en
  • Akzo Nobel en - annex en
  • Alcan Aluminium UK Ltd en
  • Arcelor Mittal en
  • Arkema fr
  • Atlantic Copper S.A.U. en - annex 1 en - annex 2 en
  • Aurubis AG de
  • Assocarta it
  • Assomet en
  • Austria: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft, Familie und Jugend de
  • Austria: Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft de
  • Austrian Labour Commerce de
  • Belgium: Regio Vlaanderen en
  • Belgium nl
  • Boliden Kokkola Oy en
  • Borealis Chemicals AG de
  • Bulgaria bg
  • Bundesverband Glasindustrie e.V. de
  • Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie en
  • Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft e.V. de
  • Burgo (for confidentiality reasons, contribution not published)
  • Business Europe en
  • Carbone Savoie en
  • Cartiere del Garda it
  • CHAM Paper Group Italia it
  • Chemical Industries Association en - annex en
  • CIRFS en
  • Client Earth en
  • Comité Permanent des Industries du Verre européennes en
  • Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales es
  • Confederation of European Paper Industries en - annex en
  • Confederation of Swedish enterprise en
  • Danish Energy Agency en
  • Dow Chemical en
  • Electricité de France fr
  • Elkem en - annex en
  • Energy Norway en
  • E.on AG en
  • Eni it
  • Essenscia en
  • European Steel Tube Association en
  • ESD - SIC en
  • Estonia et - annex et
  • EU Copper Institute en - annex en
  • EU fertilisers (for confidentiality reasons, contribution not published)
  • EU fertilisers GPN (for confidentiality reasons, contribution not published)
  • EuSalt en
  • Eurelectric en
  • European Carbon and Graphite Association en
  • European Aluminium Association en
  • European Industrial Gases Association en - annex en
  • European Metalworkers' Federation en
  • European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers' Association en
  • Euroalliages en
  • Euro Chlor en - annex en
  • Eurofer en
  • Eurométaux en - annex en
  • Euromines en
  • Europia en
  • Federación Empresarial de la Industria Química Española es
  • Fédération européenne des industries chimiques (CEFIC) en
  • Federation of Norwegian Industries en - annex en
  • FEVE – The European Container Glass Federation en
  • Fedustri en
  • Fertiberia en
  • Fertilisers Pec Rhin (for confidentiality reasons, contribution not published)
  • Fesil en
  • Finnfjord en - annex en
  • Finnish Metalworkers Union en
  • Finland en
  • France fr
  • Germany : Deutsche Bundesregierung de - annex 1 de - annex 2 de
  • Germany: Bundesland Niedersachsen de
  • Gesamtverband der deutschen Textil- und Modeindustrie de
  • Glass for Europe en
  • Glass Fiber Europe en
  • Glass producers Luigi Bormioli (for confidentiality reasons, contribution not published)
  • Graftech Iberica en
  • Hutnictví železa, a.s. (Steel Federation, Inc.) (Czech Republic) en
  • Hc Energía es
  • Hungary hu
  • Hydro en
  • Industrievereinigung Chemiefaser en
  • Industrial Union Team en
  • INEOS ChlorVinyls en
  • International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers en
  • International Paper Kwidzyn en
  • International Zinc Association Europe en
  • Inter-Environnement Wallonie en
  • International Network for Sustainable Energy – Europe en
  • Ireland en
  • Italy it - annex it
  • Košinár, Peter sk
  • Lafarge en
  • Latvia lv
  • Lithuania lt
  • LKAB Group en
  • Mavesz en
  • A.Merati & C.Cartiera di Laveno it
  • Mondialcarta it
  • Netherlands nl en - annex 1 en - annex 2 nl
  • Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions en
  • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development - Steel Committee en
  • Nordic-IN en
  • Norway en
  • Plastics Europe en
  • Poland pl
  • Polska Izba Przemysłu Chemicznego pl
  • Polska Miedź pl
  • RWE AG de
  • Salinen Austria AG de
  • Slovakia sk
  • Solvay en
  • SveMin en
  • Sweden en
  • Swedenergy en
  • Österreichische Bundesarbeitskammer de
  • Österreichischer Gewerkschaftsbund de
  • Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (WIFO) de
  • Sicem Saga it
  • UK Steel en
  • Unicobre en - annex 1 en - annex 2 en
  • Union des Industries Chimiques fr
  • United Kingdom en
  • University of Groningen en
  • Usipa fr
  • Utility Support Group B.V / Chemelot en - annex 1 en - annex 2 en
  • Vattenfall en
  • Verband der Chemischen Industrie de
  • Verband der Industriellen Energie- und Kraftwirtschaft e.V. de - annex de
  • Vereniging van de Nederlandse Chemische Industrie en
  • Vestolit de
  • VNO - NCW en
  • Wacker Chemicals Norway en - annex en
  • Wiener Landesregierung de
  • Wirtschaftsvereinigung Metalle de
  • Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl de
  • Wirtschaftskammer Österreich de
  • Xstrata Zink GmbH en
  • Zakłady Górniczo-Hutnicze "Bolesław" S.A. pl
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