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The aftermath of the expiry of Regulation (EC) No 1407/2002 on State aid to the coal industry

Policy field

State aid – coal sector

Target group

All citizens, organisations and Member States are welcome to contribute to this consultation

Period of consultation

11/05/2009 - 15/07/2009

Objective of the consultation

Regulation (EC) No 1407/2002 on State aid to the coal industry (the "Coal regulation") is set to expire on 31st December 2010. From that date, in the absence of new sector-specific rules, State support to the hard coal industry shall be governed by the general EC Treaty rules on State aid. The Commission services consulted stakeholders in order to see whether there are reasons which may militate for maintaining or adopting sector-specific State aid rules for the coal mining industry for the period starting at the expiry of the Coal Regulation.

The context and specific questions are provided in the consultation paper.

The consultation closed on 15 July 2009. All responses have been published in full on this website.

View the consultation documents

Consultation paper en

Reference documents

Contact details

Responsible service: DG Competition, Unit F.5 Transport - State aids

View the contributions

Social dialogue
  • Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee "Extractive Industry" en
Coal industry
  • Carbonar (Spain) es
  • Carbunion (Spain) en
  • Coalpro (UK) en
  • Euracoal (EU) en
  • GVSt-RAG (Germany) de
  • Hornonitrianske bane Prievidza Company (Slovakia) en
  • Hungarian Mining Association (Hungary) en
  • JSW SA (Poland) en
  • Katowicki Holding Węglowy S.A. (Poland) en
  • Kompania Weglowa (Poland) pl
  • Mining Chamber (Poland) pl
  • Scottish Resources Group (UK) en
  • Slovak Mining Chamber (Slovakia) en
  • Sociedad Anonima Hullera Vasco-Leonesa (Spain) es
  • UK Coal Mining LTD (UK) en
  • UK Coal Producers Coalpro (UK) en
  • Union Minera del Norte and Coto Minero Cantabrico, SA (Spain) es
Energy companies
  • Gas Natural-Union Fenosa (Spain) en
  • Hungarian Power Companies Ltd. and Vértesi Power Plant Ltd. (Hungary) en
Producers of mining equipment
  • Mackina-Westfalia, SA (Spain) es
  • Macneny, SL (Spain) es
  • Promining S.A. (Spain) es
Other companies and associations
  • AITEMIN (Spain) es
  • Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de León (Spain) es
  • Confederación de Organizaciones Empresariales de Castilla y León (Spain) es
  • Industrial Development Agency (Poland) pl
Trade Unions
  • British Association of Colliery Management BACM-TEAM (UK) en
  • Colegio de Ingenieros de Minas de Castilla y Leon (Spain) es
  • Die Führungskräfte (Germany) de
  • European Federation of Executives in the Sectors of Energy and Research FECER (EU) en
  • European Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers' Federation EMCEF (EU) en
  • Federación de Industrias afines de la Union General de Trabajadores de Espana FIA-UGT (Spain) es
  • Hungarian Union of Mining and Energy Industry Workers BDSZ (Hungary) en
  • IG-BCE (Germany) de
  • Instituto de la Ingeniería de España (Spain) es
  • National Union of Mineworkers (UK) en
  • Solidarnosc (Poland) en
  • Trade Union Alliance KADRA (Poland) en
  • Trade Union of Miners in Poland (Poland) en
Environmental organisations
  • European Environmental Bureau – Green Budget Europe en
  • International Network for Sustainable Energy – Europe (INFORSE) en
Public authorities
  • Bulgaria bg
  • Czech Republic cs
  • Germany de
  • Hungary hu
  • Poland pl
  • Romania en
  • Slovakia en
  • Spain es
  • United Kingdom en
  • Asturias (Spain) es
  • Castilla y Leon (Spain) en
  • EURACOM – Municipal Association of Europe's coalfield regions en
Individual contributions
  • Wiesław Banasiak (Poland) pl
  • Jarosław Dyduch (Poland) pl
  • Roberto Fernandez Fernandez (Spain) es
  • Federico Kaspareck (Spain) en
  • Robert Łyczak (Poland) pl
  • Varela Pereira (Spain) en
  • Rafal Sowa (Poland) pl
  • Jarosław Wojewoda (Poland) pl

Next steps

The Commission carried out an impact assessment to assess whether State aid for the hard coal industry is needed in the period after 2010 in order to minimize adverse effects of mine closures, especially with regard to the social consequences. View the next steps of the review and the legislation adopted.

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