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What's new?

This page lists the latest developments done to the competition case search tool.

24.11.2010 In order to improve access to state aid information, new Single numbering of state aid cases has been introduced.
Until now the state aid cases were identified depending on a procedural step. Different procedure codes were used, e.g. N for notification, C for contradictoire, followed by a number and the year when the procedure was opened. In instances where the Commission went through several procedures, an individual procedure code, number and a year of opening (or registration) were assigned to the case in each step.
The new numbering system identifies cases registered after 23 November 2010 by one single number, prefixed by "SA", e.g. SA.12345. All procedural steps will be included and where necessary shown as additional information in the details of a case. Cases which have been closed by this date will not be identified by new number.
28.07.2010 For State Aid search screen two new search criteria have been introduced: EU Primary legal basis and EU Secondary legal basis. The search criteria offer legal texts used primarily for cases in industry and services that have been subject to Commission's decision from 1 January 2007.
01.07.2010 Due to works on our databases, the antitrust case information was not updated between 11 and 25 June. State aid case information was be updated as usual.
Updates that took place during this period were posted on a temporary page.
25.03.2010 The older merger case pages will no longer be updated from 26 March 2010. The information on these pages may not be up to date after this day. Please use the case search tool to find the latest case information.
01.03.2010 Following the appointment of the new Commission and subsequent organizational changes, all state aid cases previously dealt with by the former DG Transport and Energy were moved to the domain of DG Competition.
14.01.2010 A new export functionality allows to download the results list in Excel (xls) format for further processing. This functionality is available when policy areas are searched individually.
26.10.2009 New search form for competition cases. The State aid search tool has been expanded to contain antitrust and merger control cases. If you need help to use the form, you can consult the user manual or contact us.
For State Aid search tool two search criteria have been introduced: search for state aid cases with related court case(s) and search for cases according to DG responsible for adopting decisions within its policy area.
Please note that previous case pages are still temporarily available for antitrust, cartels, mergers and State aid cases, but will be discontinued in the coming months.