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COMP/2015/011 – "Study on the passing-on of overcharges"

Deadline to submit tenders: 02.06.2015


COMP/2014/025 - Restructuring of steel plant in pre-accession context

Deadline to submit tenders: 15.01.2015

COMP/2014/017 – "Analysis and comparison of the yields of possible investments (in 2005-2007) of the funds collected by Poste Italiane S.p.A. through the offer of postal current accounts"

Deadline to submit tenders: 21.11.2014

COMP/2014/007 – "Study on judges' training needs in the field of competition law"

Deadline to submit tenders: 14.11.2014

Second opening of tenders will take place on Monday 1/12/2014 at 16:30.

Tenderers wishing to attend are asked to register by sending an email in advance to

COMP/2014/015 – A retrospective study on EU mergers and merger control

Deadline to submit tenders: 31.10.2014


COMP/2012/015 — Study on "The economic impact of modern retail on choice and innovation in the EU food sector"

Deadline to submit tenders: 14.02.2013

COMP/2012/011 — State aid assessment of impaired assets: valuation and resolution mechanisms

Deadline to submit tenders: 24.09.2012

COMP/2012/004 — Broad merchant payment acceptance survey

Deadline to submit tenders: 10.09.2012

COMP/2012/06 — customer survey at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and Paris Orly airport (lot No 1) and at Rome Fiumicino airport (lot No 2)

Deadline to submit tenders: 12.07.2012

COMP/2012/003 — Survey of merchants' costs of processing cash and card payments

Deadline to submit tenders: 17.07.2012

COMP/2012/001 — provision of consultancy services on technical, economic and legal matters in the context of ICT and media competition cases

Deadline to submit tenders: 23.04.2012

COMP/2011/022 - External consultant in the shipbuilding sector

Deadline to submit tenders: 24.02.2012


COMP/2011/029 - Provision of data on the importance of minority shareholdings in the EU

Deadline to submit tenders: 17.11.2011

COMP/2011/027 - Study on co(re)insurance pools and on ad hoc co(re)insurance agreements on the subscription market

Deadline to submit tenders: 19.11.2011 - New date for opening of tender 24/11/2011 at 10:00

COMP/2011/016 — Study on the importance of minority shareholdings in the EU

Deadline: 15/09/2011

2011/D2/013 — study on co(re)insurance pools and ad hoc co(re)insurance agreements on the subscription market

Deadline: 01/08/2011

COMP/2011/007 — Literature review on the role and effectiveness of regional investment aid

Deadline: 15/04/2011

COMP/2010/017 — Technical, economic and legal assessment in the context of ICT and media competition cases (antitrust, merger and State aid)

Deadline: 15/03/2011


Study on the "Challenges of the digital era for film heritage institutions"

Deadline: 1 September 2010 at 16.00

The transition to the digital era has brought about challenges and opportunities that could not have been foreseen in 2005, when the European Parliament and Council adopted a Recommendation on film heritage and the competitiveness of related industrial activities. Most European films are made with the help of public funding, in line with the Cinema Communication, applying the State aid exemption for culture and heritage conservation.

However, the digital era challenges the traditional ways of collecting and preserving film heritage. 80% of silent films are estimated to be lost. Unless action is taken, the same could happen to digitally-born and digitised films. At the same time, new technologies open new ways of providing access to film heritage that we could have not imagined five years ago.

In addition to new technologies, societal changes are triggering increasing demand for accessing film heritage. The role of film heritage institutions is evolving from the traditional model of the "sealed box", conserving fragile film materials for posterity in their vaults, towards a new "full access" model, whereby they become well-springs of film culture. The main difficulty encountered during this transition is the lack of legal mechanisms permitting the cultural and educational use of the films and related film material in an efficient manner.

In this context, the European Commission has launched a call for tenders in order conduct a study on the "Challenges of the digital era for film heritage institutions". The aim of the study is to provide a detailed description of the challenges that film heritage institutions are facing in relation to all areas of their activities, as well as the opportunities that digital technologies offer.

Tender documents

Study on the impact of national rules on unilateral conduct that diverge from Article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

Deadline: 22 February 2010


Contract notice 2009/S 131-190414 'State aid assessment of valuations of impaired assets and of asset relief measures'

New deadline to submit tender: 24/08/2009

New date for opening of tenders: 31/08/2009 at 15h00

Corrigendum to contract notice en


COMP/2008/D1/020: study on "Costs and benefits to merchants of accepting different payment methods"

COM/2008/D3/019: study on the financial situation and restructuring prospects of a German credit institution (WestLB).

COMP/2008/C3/018: Technical monitoring and verification services to support antitrust investigations in the IT sector (Budget: € 9.000.000)

COMP/2008/A3/15: Invitation to tender: Study on counterfactual scenarios to restructuring State aid: observed developments when no aid is granted to firms in difficulty (Budget: € 400.000)

COMP/2008/A5/10: Study "Quantification of the harm suffered by victims of competition law infringements"

COMP/2008/ E3/008: External consultant in the shipbuilding sector

COMP/2008/F1/009: Study "Quantitative analysis of impact on competition of cooperative agreements, with a focus on alliances in transatlantic markets in airline industry"

COMP/2008/F3/003: Appel d'offres relatif à la réalisation d'une étude sur la garantie illimitée de la République française à La Poste

COMP/2008/F3/001: Study to benchmark the cost and profit accounting of certain services provided by Deutsche Post AG (DPAG)


COMP/2007/A2 /010- Survey on national court cases relating to vertical restraints

COMP/2007/F2/017: Study on ‘Price formation in health services markets’

COMP/2007/E3/016 Study on counterfactual scenarios to restructuring State aid: observed developments when no aid is granted to firms in difficulty

COMP/2007/G2/008: Study on counterfactual scenarios to restructuring State aid: observed developments when no aid is granted to a firm in difficulty

COMP/2007/H2/002: Study on the determination of the market remuneration for the distribution of postal bonds


COMP/2006/a3/012: Study related to the impact assessment of the White Paper on EC antitrust damages actions

COMP/2006/S 173-183874: Study on the economic and cultural impact, notably on co-productions, of territorialisation clauses of state aids schemes for films and audiovisual productions

COMP/2006/I4/007: Study on execution of recovery decisions by Member States: availability of provisional measures and of administrative and interim relief

COMP/2006/D3/003 - Regulation and efficiency of the conveyancing services market

COMP/2006/D2/006 - Study regarding the nature and competition impact of airline code-share agreements

2006 - Study regarding the legal and economic analysis of tramp maritime services

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