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Call for proposals 2014: Training of national judges in EU Competition Law and judicial co-operation

The deadline for submission of applications is: 29/08/2014

Priorities 2014

Projects should address at least one of the following areas:

  • a) Improvement of knowledge, application and interpretation of EU competition law;

    Projects should consist of training activities in the form of conferences, seminars, colloquia, meetings and symposia, as well as short or long term training courses on EU competition law. Projects under this priority should be more oriented on advanced trainings for national judges.

  • b) Support to National Judicial Institutions on Competition Law knowledge;

    Projects submitted under this category should be organised by one or more national judicial institutions - in particular as part of the initial training period of judges and prosecutors - with regard to the application of EU competition law. Projects under this priority should be more oriented to general trainings for national judges.

  • c) Improving and/or creating cooperation/networks;

    Projects should cover activities promoting the cooperation and/or networking between national judges, in particular between associations active in the field of the application of EU competition law.

    Projects may also cover the establishment, upgrading and/or interlinking of databases or web-based tools with EU cross-border relevance aiming to create or strengthen the cooperation and disseminate information among judges at national and European level.

Priority will be given to the three above mentioned aspects. In case of residual funding available the EU Commission may decide to award also projects focused on the following subject:

  • d) Development of legal linguistic skills of national judges;

    Projects should cover legal linguistic training activities linked to the specific terminology used in the application of competition law. Projects should consist of specific legal linguistic training activities in the form of short or long term training courses. The main goal of the projects should be the overcoming of the geographical/linguistic barriers to the benefit of the creation of a common European judicial knowledge.

For further details see the full text of the Call for proposals.

Call for proposals 2014

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Other linguistic versions will be published gradually on this section

Application form en


Annex 1: check-list for applicants en - en

Annex 2. Electronic copy of the complete application (on CD or USB)

Annex 3: Financial plan & Forward budget en

Annex 4: Financial identification form

Annex 5: Legal entity form (for private companies and for public entities )

Annex 6: Declaration of honour en - en

Annex 7: Evidence of legal status

Annex 8: Financial capacity assessment en - en

Annex 9: Operational capacity assessment

Annex 10: Staff's salary grid

In case of partner(s): Annex 11: Partner declaration form en

Annex 12: Undertaking by the applicant

Reference documents

Guide for applicants en

Applicable unit costs for meals and accommodation en

Maximum eligible daily rates for staff costs en

Estimation of number of judges trained by our Programme by nationality en

Legal and Financial reference

Useful to know

If you successfully submit an application, you will sign a binding contract with the EU Commission. It may be useful to check its content before submitting your application.

  • Model mono-beneficiary Grant Agreement en
  • Model multi-beneficiary Grant Agreement en
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