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Practical information



  • Oral statements procedure for leniency applicants
  • Confidentiality claims - establishing a non-confidential version

  • Inspections

    • Inspection explanatory note: Describes what happens during an inspection and clarifies the rights and obligations of the company being inspected.
    • Sample inspection authorisation: Template of the document presented to the company at the start of an inspection. It lists the names of the authorised inspectors.
    • Picture of a typical seal used during an inspection.
    • Demo: Viewing electronic data during inspections

      This Demo provides an example of the manner in which documents are now made available to company representatives during Commission inspections. In essence, the Demo provides a "mock" electronic report that contains a description of certain files and a hyperlink to directly access the files. In addition, there is also a file that contains the 'hash value' of the data set.

      To see the content of the Demo CD, download and unzip the "Demo CD" (zip file).

      The Demo CD (zip file) contains a "readme" file with instructions. Read these first. The Demo CD (zip file) also contains two folders, one with the data for a Microsoft Outlook environment and another file for a non-Outlook environment.
      The Demo CD only works on a Windows environment.
      Please note that DG Competition does not provide technical support for accessing the information on the Demo CD.

  • eQuestionnaire
  • Inability to pay

Publication of decisions

  • Guidance on the publication of antitrust decisions . This document sets out how the Commission prepares the public version of antitrust decisions. It describes (i) what undertakings can claim for redaction and how they have to submit their claims; (ii) what the Commission redacts on its own initiative and (iii) the procedure that is followed to settle confidentiality claims.

Antitrust Manual of Procedures

Commission holidays