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New programmes for education, training, youth and culture

In the firm belief that investment in education, training and creativity is essential for the prosperity of future generations, the European Commission adopted a proposal for two new programmes on 23 November: Erasmus for All and Creative Europe. The programmes, put forward by Ms Vassiliou, will be more streamlined than current programmes in the area of education, training, youth and culture. They will also have better-targeted priorities and activities to reflect new challenges Europe is facing.

"My wish to increase investment in education, youth, creativity and innovation stems from my conviction that these are growth areas where Europe can achieve significant added value. The Erasmus for All and Creative Europe proposals are the right tools to help us respond to the challenges we face and I am confident that they will deliver the results we all want to see," said Ms. Vassiliou.

Erasmus for All

Erasmus for All is open to everybody, through any public or private body active in the areas of education, training, youth and sport. It will provide opportunities to learn and study abroad for up to 5 million people over the period 2014–2020. Under this new programme, the EU will potentially help anyone - not just university students - to acquire new skills. It will also help improve the quality of teaching and education in the EU and beyond. The Commission proposes to invest €19 billion for the 2014–2020 budget period - an increase of around 70% compared to the current period, reflecting the importance the Commission attaches to education, training and youth.


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Creative Europe

Thousands of people working in cinema, TV, culture, music, performing arts, heritage and related areas would benefit from increased EU support under the new 'Creative Europe' programme. With a proposed budget of €1.8 billion for the period 2014-2020, it would be a much-needed boost for the cultural and creative industries, which are a major source of jobs and growth in Europe.

The new programme would allocate more than €900 million in support of the cinema and audiovisual sector (area covered by current MEDIA programme) and almost € 500 million for culture. The Commission is also proposing to allocate more than €210 million for a new financial guarantee facility, which would enable small operators to access up to €1 billion in bank loans, as well as around €60 million in support of policy cooperation and fostering innovative approaches to audience building and new business models.


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