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Introductory Remarks on the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) pdf


With a stronger EIT, we have a powerful tool that can deliver a real step-change in the way we, Europeans, approach Innovation. The EIT has the potential to change an entire mindset, towards a more entrepreneurial culture and with the close involvement of universities.


Speech to European Newspaper Publishers' Association


General Assembly of The European Newspaper Publishers' Association. Nicosia (Cyprus), 25 May 2012

From the speech "In Europe 150 million newspapers are sold every day. It's an impressive figure, but the truth is that readership is nonetheless declining. And what are the implications for democracy? I cannot help noticing that 150 million is also roughly the figure of those who took part in the last European elections. And that figure too is declining"


Learning mobility can help to fight the crisis


Conference on the 25th anniversary of the Erasmus programme - Copenhagen, 9 May 2012


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