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Universities and businesses work together for smart and inclusive growth

High level representatives from business, higher education and politics are meeting in Brussels on 4-5 May for the 2010 European University-Business Forum. Participants will discuss how universities and businesses, in particular SMEs, can join forces for their mutual benefit. The forum will explore how new forms of working together can contribute to the EU's reform agenda, in particular to regional development, innovation and the quality of education.

The European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, Androulla Vassiliou, said: "The Europe 2020 strategy gives a very clear message: Education, training and skills are going to be more and more crucial in shaping the future of our societies and our economies. Closer and better co-operation between universities and businesses is a cornerstone in this context. We need more and better ways of collaboration and we need information and knowledge to flow between these two worlds."


Why universities and businesses should co-operate


Co-operation between higher education and businesses is widely recognised to have benefits for both sides. Universities make sure their graduates are well prepared for the labour market. Companies satisfy their demand for highly qualified graduates with the right mix of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

New ways of co-operating stimulate knowledge transfer in both ways, open opportunities and improve returns through long-term partnerships.


The University-Business Forum

The University-Business Forum has taken place once a  year since 2008 and is complemented by a series of thematic forums.

It offers a platform for discussion, for exchange of good practice and for mutual learning.


This third University Business Forum focuses on three main areas for discussion and exchange of experiences:

  • o Co-operation with SMEs and Regional Development
  • o University-business co-operation and innovation
  • o University-business co-operation and quality of education


The event:

3rd University-Business Forum, European Commission, Charlemagne Building, Brussels

4 May 2010:  09:30 - 18:00

5 May 2010:  09:00 - 13:00

To find out more:

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COM(2009)158 "A new partnership for the modernisation of universities: the EU Forum for University Business Dialogue" , April 2009

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Download the Final Programme pdf - 412 KB [412 KB]