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Green light for European GPS: Successful Galileo position fix


European Commission Press release Brussels, 24 June 2013 Green light for European satellite navigation: Today in a public demonstration in Fucino, Italy, European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani announced a successful position fixi on the basis of the EU’s current four Galileo satellites.


Towards a more competitive and efficient European defence and security sector


European Commission Press release Brussels, 24 July 2013 A more influential Europe needs a strong and active common foreign and security policy, which in turn demands a more competitive and efficient defence and security sector.


Commission acts to improve consumer rights for 120 million holiday makers


European Press Release Brussels, 9 July 2013 Commission As the summer season kicks off, the European Commission is taking action to improve protection for holiday makers by modernising EU rules on package holidays. The 1990 EU Directive on package travel has served as the bedrock for the protection offered to...


Finishing touches to single market for construction products


European Commission Press release Brussels, 02 July 2013 Construction companies wishing to expand their business to another EU Member State need to know the challenges they might face. Employment, environmental and safety requirements may differ for construction materials and products.


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