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Vice President Tajani meets German Chancellor Merkel and Russian President Putin

On 8th April Vice President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani, responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship was at the Hannover Fair in Germany, which is the world's biggest industrial fair.

On this occasion, Tajani met German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin. They agreed on the importance of cooperating on European level in terms of industrial development. Tajani also invited Merkel and Putin to make use of the missions for growth initiatives (see link below) to help EU companies and SMEs exploit business opportunities outside Europe. Russia and China will host the next two missions for growth.

Tajani met Ulrich Grillo, President of the German Industrial Association (BDI) to have an exchange of views on the EU new industrial policy and the plan to reindustrialise Europe. Tajani and Johanna Wanka, Federal German Minister of Education and Research discussed on the importance of cooperation on key enabling technologies and how to strengthen R&D in Europe. Tajani had a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, who acknowledged the European actions taken to achieve industrial growth. During the afternoon he opened the European Space Expo where he stressed the importance of the space sector as an innovation driver. Tajani also met the exhibiting companies from different fields of application and several CEO of the industrial sector to discuss how to make EU enterprises more innovative towards rising energy prices.

In the afternoon, Tajani opened the Global Business & Markets 2013 Forum “Europe and USA: Industrial and Political Alliances for New Growth”, where he stressed the importance of the internationalisation of EU enterprises for the European economic recovery and the importance to improve the trading conditions with EU main trading partners - United States, Japan, Brazil, Russia, India and China.

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