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Vice-President Antonio Tajani, in Essen, Germany, to participate in the fair on the security industry

European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani, responsible of Industry and Entrepreneurship, has been on an official visit in Essen to open the Security Trade Fair and Conference.

Tajani announced the general lines of the new industrial policy, which will be adopted by the European Commission on October 10th. In particular, as part of the strategy to overcome the crisis, he talked about the need for launching the re-industrialization process by boosting innovation and competition.

The trade fair in Essen is the largest exhibition of civil European security, with over 1,200 exhibitors from more than 100 countries. Here Tajani will present his strategy for the security industry. Tajani said: We need to ensure the competitiveness of our EU security industry. It's essential to overcome national fragmentations, create an internal market for this sector and focus on economies of scale. To achieve this, we need a framework of standards and the development of a European quality label for the security industry.


The security industry represents a sector with a significant potential for growth and employment. On a global scale, the security market has grown nearly tenfold from around 10 billion Euros to a market size of a 100 billion Euros in 2011. The EU security market alone represents a value of around 30 billion Euros. The EU's prospects of growth for security market in the coming years have a growth rate that goes beyond the average GDP growth. The sector also contributes highly to the creation of jobs, employing 2 million people worldwide and 180.000 across the EU.

Thanks to their level of technological development, many EU security companies are still among the world leaders in most of the segments of the security sector. The 1.4 billion Euros invested by the EU in security research certainly contributed to this position. But recent evolutions and market forecasts indicate that the market shares of European companies on the global market could decrease over the next years if Europe does not enhance synergies and economies of scale in the security sector.

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