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Antonio Tajani in Berlin

On 25 April, Antonio Tajani is in Berlin for a series of meetings with representatives of institutions and stakeholders, and to participate in events on raw materials and tourism, and to have an exchange of views with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the European strategy to boost growth, industrial competitiveness and access to raw materials.

Tajani meets with the Minister of Economics and Technology, Philipp Roessler, and Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, Peter Ramsauer, as well as leading representatives of German business and industry, such as Holger Schwannecke, General Secretary of the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts, Dieter Hundt, President of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations, Hans Peter Keitel, President of the Federation of German Industry, and Martin Wansleben, Managing director of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce. Discussions will focus on upcoming Commission initiatives, such as the Communication on Key Enabling Technologies and on Construction, the plan to boost the car sector and actions for entrepreneurship and to support the new industrial revolution. With the Minister of Transport, Tajani will also discuss about space policy, including the progress of the satellite navigation system Galileo and the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES).

The Vice President meets Peter Meyer, President of ADAC, the largest automobile club in Germany and Europe, to discuss the European strategy for the car of the future, with particular regard to electric mobility.

On April 25 in the morning, Tajani opens the conference "Commission's initiatives to extend the tourist season in Europe," where he talks both about tourism as a key factor to boost growth. Then in the Bundestag (German parliament) he participates, together with Angela Merkel, in the conference on raw materials organized by the German Christian Democratic party (CDU / CSU). His speech focuses on the need to promote a strong European strategy for access to raw materials, essential for the competitiveness of our industry.

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On 26 April, Vice President Tajani meets Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economics and Technology, Philipp Roessler and Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, Peter Ramsauer. Discussions with the Vice Chancellor focused on boosting competitiveness of European industry, with a strong EU action for raw materials, resource efficiency and more access to markets on a reciprocal basis. In the meeting, Tajani also addressed the car issue, presenting the broad outlines of the plan he intends to present in June - after the Cars21 meeting - which will be based on supporting research and innovation for more efficient and sustainable cars.

At the end of the meeting with Vice Chancellor Roesler, Vice President Tajani said: "I am in tune with Vice Chancellor Rossler's views. I particularly appreciate Germany's strong willingness to work with the Commission and other Member States to achieve growth and strengthen our industrial base." Among the topics discussed with the Minister of Transport and Construction Peter Ramsauer:  the Space Policy - Galileo and GMES in particular -,  electric cars and the new strategy European Commission is working on to revitalize the sector.

Tajani's mission is part of a series of visits to European countries, which are in the forefront of the current crisis. In particular, on Thursday 19 April Tajani met with the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, the day after with the Greek Prime Minister Loukas Papademos and his visit in Spain on 24 April.


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