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Commission committed to promoting more integration of economic policies

In an article, European Commissioner Antonio Tajani says that ´╗┐the letter sent by the German, French, and Italian employers' associations to the EU institutions is an authoritative appeal for political responsibility, given that it calls for more political integration and more effective economic measures in support of Europe's economic system.

He welcomes the support of the employers' world to a political Europe. Mr Tajani stresses the European Commission's role in tackling the crisis, defending the euro, and enhancing integration and growth, as well as underlining the importance of the EFSF and the anti-crisis measures taken by the ECB. Mr Tajani remarks the Commission's strategy to boost the economy, based on structural reforms, more efficient public administration, cuts in non-productive spending, shifting the fiscal burden from enterprises and workers to consumption and unearned incomes, and a more flexible jobs market. Mr Tajani urges Europe to exploit its technological leadership and innovation abilities, fostering emerging sectors such as the green economy, the efficient use of resources and key enabling technologies. The Commission, he adds, is committed to boosting the development and innovation sector by increasing funds in the EU 2014-2020 budget from €50 billion to €80 billion, and by granting SMEs more resources. Growth and competitiveness can be achieved in Europe through stronger European economic governance. Mr Tajani also says the Commission will present a proposal to introduce eurobonds, a solution that is considered crucial to deal with speculation.

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