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The Vice-President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani called on Space Industrial leaders of Galileo

Space Policy is a major European responsibility which falls under Vice-President Tajani's portfolio, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship also. On the 23rd of March Mr. Tajani met with both the CEOs of the European Space industries that will take charge of the project on the services of the global navigation satellite system Galileo, and with the Director General of the European Space Agency (ESA) Jean-Jacques Dordain, to thrash out details related to Galileo.

Among the topics on the agenda, the Vice-President emphasised the responsibility of industry regarding the costs, but also in respect of commitments, including deadlines for the success of Galileo. Other key items were the signing of the two remaining contractsfor Galileo and the launch of the first two operational Galileo satellites in September, bringing the programme to fruition. Mr. Tajani also discussed the great benefits that Galileo will provide to both the citizens, and the European industry; but also stress the need to protect of European taxpayers too.

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