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Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

28.03 to 30.05.2011: Public consultation on the possible revision of Directive 89/105/EEC on the transparency of measures regulating prices of medicinal products

The proposal is expected to be adopted by the Commission beginning 2012

The Process on Corporate Responsibility in the field of pharmaceuticals is a renewed partnership for innovation in the healthcare sector based on the model of the Pharmaceutical Forum. it was launched in 2010 and its work is ongoing. A significant number of experts from different organisations (including companies, professional association in healthcare, patient organisations and competent authorities) are very interested and participate actively in all the activities of the process.

It consists of three Platforms and continued to develop further in 2011:

A.    Platform on access to medicines in Europe - It was further elaborated with the launch of five additional working groups:

  • Promoting good governance for non prescription drugs
  • Facilitating supply in small markets
  • Mechanisms of coordinated access to orphan medicinal products
  • Market access for biosimilars
  • Capacity building on managed entry agreements for innovative medicines

Each of the group met on different occasions during 2011 with the aim to reach their deliverables by the end of 2012, or maximum by early 2013.

B.    Platform on Transparency and Ethics – this platform was launched in 2011. Two meetings organised with broad participation of interested stakeholders and responsible national/regional competent authorities. Objective: to achieve a minimum consensus among stakeholders on relative measures that can increase ethical and transparent behaviour in the pharmaceutical sector.

C.    Platform on access to medicines in developing countries with a focus on Africa - an initial informal workshop with representatives from African and EU countries, NGOs, industry and the Commission took place. Currently the setting-up of the Steering Group and working groups is under progress.

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