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New European Commission makes major step towards the safe use of chemicals

New European Commission makes major step towards the safe use of chemicals

The 1st December 2010 marked a major step towards the safe management and use of chemicals throughout Europe. A large proportion of the total volume of chemicals produced and used in the EU was registered at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) following the 30 November deadline for registration of widely-used chemicals. All companies manufacturing or importing hazardous substances had to reclassify them by 1 December 2010 in accordance with the CLP Regulation (classification, labelling, and packaging) and notify ECHA by 3 January 2011. This will enable ECHA to establish the first European inventory of hazardous substances and harmonised classifications. Classification is essential to determine whether a chemical is dangerous for health and the environment, and it will determine the information on the labels of chemicals that workers and consumers use. As a result of REACH and CLP, European industry will possess more in-depth knowledge of the potentially hazardous effects of the chemicals they are dealing with. This will lead to safer use of chemicals, increased industrial competitiveness and a cleaner environment.

25.03.2010New European Commission determined to make REACH a success (VP Tajani visited ECHA together with Commissioner Potocnik and announced agreement and way forward)
21.05.2010Reduced chemicals fees for SMEs
08.07.2010Making REACH work: Commission urges Member States to do their part
13.09.201030 November 2010: Last call for companies to register chemicals
28.10.2010Commission launches public consultation on nanomaterial definition
04.11.2010European Commission proposes to ban phosphates in laundry detergents
01.12.2010First REACH registration closes: a step nearer to safer use of chemicals in the EU
21.12.2010Chemicals: 3 January 2011 is last day for companies to notify substances to classification & labelling inventory
10.02.2011Conference, The Competitiveness of the European chemical industry

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