Commissioner Šemeta welcomes European Parliament vote on OLAF reform

Following the European Parliament's vote in favour of the new OLAF Regulation today, Commissioner Šemeta said:

"The reform of OLAF will create a stronger EU anti-fraud office, and thereby stronger protection of European taxpayers' money. I warmly welcome the European Parliament's support for the new OLAF Regulation today. This will cement important changes in how OLAF works, making it more efficient and more accountable, while safeguarding its independence. It will also ensure that OLAF has full cooperation from all those who are central to the EU fight against fraud."

"Today is the first step in an ambitious process. I have promised the Parliament and the Council that I will look at where further improvements can be made to OLAF, beyond what was agreed today. And I will do this without delay, taking into account important discussions in recent weeks, as well as our plans for a European Public Prosecutors' Office." 

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