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Joint letter on tackling tax fraud and tax evasion from Commissioner Šemeta and irish Minister Noonan English (en)


Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta  and Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan have sent a letter to all EU Finance Ministers, setting out 7 key areas for immediate action in improving the fight against tax fraud, evasion and avoidance.

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Commissioner Šemeta on tax evasion: Ecofin speaking points English (en)


The surge in Member States’ appetite for progress and action in the fight against evasion is extremely welcome. They echo what the Commission has long been calling for. And as a result, the tools are already on the table, waiting to be seized.

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Statement by Commissioner Šemeta on fighting tax evasion English (en)


"Recent developments, fuelled by the outcome of the Offshore Leaks, confirms the urgency for more and better action against tax evasion. The Commission has long advocated more transparency and stronger common tools to fight fraudsters, discourage evaders and ensure fair burden-sharing in taxes.

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Décharge budgétaire

Commission welcomes EP positive vote on discharge for the 2011 EU budget English (en) lietuvių kalba (lt)


The Commission welcomes the European Parliament's decision to grant discharge to the Commission in respect of the implementation of the 2011 EU budget.

Algirdas Šemeta, Commissioner responsible for Taxation, Customs, Statistics, Audit and Anti-Fraud, said:  "The decision by the European Parliament to grant discharge to the Commission is recognition of our consistent effort over the years to improve the management and control of EU funds. I agree with the Council and Parliament when they call for further simplification of the rules and processes in order to reduce the risk of errors. I agree with them when they call on Member States to take up their full responsibilities, given that they are first in line in managing and controlling about 80% of the whole budget.

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