Commissioner Semeta today addressed the Irish Parliament (Oireachtas) Committee on Finance, setting out the priorities for EU Taxation under the Irish Presidency.
These include progress on the Financial Transaction Tax, the Tax Evasion and Avoidance Package, and the CCCTB.
The Commissioner also spoke of the need for deeper tax coordination in the EU, along with national taxation that is both competitive and fair.

Commissioner Semeta said:

"The European Union is currently working towards deepening the Euro and forging a genuine Economic and Monetary Union. Taxation cannot be avoided in this debate.

Member States can – and must – retain their sovereignty on tax matters. But there must be a recognition, too, that the day of isolated tax policy is over.

Coming closer together as a Union on tax matters does not threaten Member States' sovereignty.

On the contrary, it reinforces their position at home to take the necessary measures for growth-friendly and fair taxation.  It helps our businesses and attracts investment. And it strengthens our common position when addressing international challenges and spreading the principle of fair taxation abroad.

I strongly believe that for taxation, as for other policy areas, the answer to our current challenges lies in more Europe, not less."

For Full Speech, see: SPEECH/13/10

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