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Protecting Intellectual Property Rights: EU customs detain over 100 million fake goods at EU borders


In 2011, EU Customs detained almost 115 million products suspected of violating intellectual property rights (IPR) compared to 103 million in 2010.

Algirdas Šemeta, Commissioner for Taxation, Customs, Anti-fraud and Audit said: “Customs is the EU's first line of defence against fake products which threaten the safety of our citizens and undermine legal businesses. Today's report shows the intensity and importance of the work being done by Customs in this field. I will continue to push for even greater protection of intellectual property rights in Europe, through our work with international partners, the industry and Member States."



Fighting fraud: Fall in suspected fraud against EU funds


Fraud affecting the EU budget fell by 35% in 2011, according to the Commission's annual report on the "Protection of the EU's Financial Interests". In cohesion policy, there were 41% fewer cases of suspected fraud compared to 2010, while in agriculture reported fraud cases fell by 66%.

Algirdas Šemeta, Commissioner for Taxation, Customs, Audit and Anti-Fraud, said: “The decrease in fraud against the EU budget shows that our determined efforts to tackle this problem are starting to pay off. But the fight is far from over. The Commission maintains its policy of zero-tolerance to fraud, and not one cent of taxpayers' money should be lost to fraudsters. The Commission will continue to take every measure it can to protect the EU budget, and Member States must also raise their game."


OLAF Annual Report 2011 - OLAF investigations resulted in €691 million recovered to EU budget and 511 years' of prison sentences


The Annual Report of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), published today, summarises OLAF's achievements in 2011. OLAF handled 463 cases in 2011. The results of OLAF's investigations led to the recovery of €691 million and a cumulative 511 years of prison sentences being issued by Member State courts.


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