Taxation and Customs Union

Tackling tax fraud and evasion: Commission sets out concrete measures


Minimum sanctions for tax crimes, a cross-border tax identification number, an EU tax-payer's charter and stronger common measures against tax havens. These are just some of the concrete ideas that the Commission has put forward today to improve the fight against tax fraud and evasion in the EU. Taking a holistic approach, today's Communication looks at ways to strengthen current measures and sets out possible new initiatives for eliminating fraud and evasion in Europe.

Algirdas Šemeta, Commissioner for taxation, customs, anti-fraud and audit, said: "Let there be no illusion: tax evaders steal from the pockets of ordinary citizens and deprive Member States of much-needed revenue. If we want fair and efficient tax systems, we must stamp out this activity. The political will to intensify the battle is there. Now it is time to translate that into action. As a Union of 27, we have a powerful advantage - strength in numbers. If we play as a team, with a common strategy, we can defeat the fraudsters and evaders, and reclaim vast sums of money that are legitimately due."


Taking stock of the EU-China cooperation in customs


On Monday the 25th of June 2012, Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta met Mr Yu Guangzhou, the Chinese Minister of Customs to take stock of EU-China cooperation in their field. "As we work ourselves out of the global economic crisis, international trade has come to play a key role. And customs performance is critical in managing and facilitating trade" said  Commissioner Šemeta at the opening of the 6th meeting of the EU-China Joint Customs Cooperation Committee (JCCC).


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