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Commissioner Šemeta receives prize for green taxation initiatives English (en) lietuvių kalba (lt)


Today Algirdas Šemeta, EU Commissioner for Taxation, will receive the Adam Smith prize in Germany (Berlin) for significant contribution in the field of environmental economic policy. The prize will be awarded largely on the basis of the Commission's proposal last year to revise EU rules on energy taxation (see IP/11/468).

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Italian company becomes 10,000th European company to sign up to EU-wide customs and trading certificate English (en)


Neri Spa of Livorno, Italy has become the 10,000th Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) by signing up to an EU-wide customs scheme that makes international trading faster and safer at customs checks on the EU borders. Global trade has exploded in the past decade and the chain of transport and logistics system for the world's cargo is becoming increasingly complex. This has forced customs administrations to improve their tools for managing the international movement of goods to better respond to threats related to security, safety and fraud.

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Commisioner Šemeta meets Swiss President English (en)


Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta met at the European Commission with Eveline WIDMER-SCHLUMPF, President of the Swiss Confederation to discuss the taxation agenda.

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Financial Transactions Tax: The Way Ahead English (en)


19/03/2012, Copenhagen. Speaking to parliamentary representatives from all Member States in Copenhagen today, Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta said:

"Let me outline where I believe the proposal for the EU FTT to be now. We appear to be moving in the direction of political compromise in order to achieve consensus amongst all 27 Member States. This compromise should be founded upon the solid technical discussions on the Commission's proposal, which are already well underway.

Some are already asking whether we should look for alternative routes to agreement, by moving ahead at less than 27. I say that the time is not ripe for such a move: we must maintain the active engagement of all Member States that we have seen up to now.

I continue to believe that the FTT applied across the entire EU is the best way of meeting our objectives, ensuring that every EU citizen can benefit from the tax. 

One thing is absolutely clear: Member States must reach a decision on the FTT, and we must do so quickly. This is what citizens expect. It is what markets are looking for. And it is what many Member States have called for."

Speech available on SPEECH/12/196

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Commissioner Šemeta: crisis has changed attitudes to how we approach taxation within the EU English (en)


Brussels, 5 March 2012. Commissioner Šemeta has opened the Brussels Tax Forum 2012 devoted to the topic "Tax policy under a common currency". In his opening address Commissioner stressed that the approach to the taxation of the member states is changing.

"The crisis has changed attitudes to how we approach taxation within the EU. Gone are the days when Member States can "go it alone", implementing tax policies in isolation without a thought to what their neighbours are doing. This is all the more true in a monetary union," Commissioner Šemeta said.

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Taxation: Commission presents report on Savings Directive English (en)


Today the European Commission adopted a report on the results of the European Savings Taxation Directive, as it is required to do every 3 years. The report, which covers the period 2005-2010 , shows that the quality and usability of data which Member States transmit to each other has improved, thanks to common EU rules on automatic exchange of information.

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