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Commissioner Šemeta gives his views on VAT for voluntary organizations


Following a number of inquiries of the Swedish voluntary organizations on the VAT, Taxation Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta explained  the Commissions position on the subject.

" I believe the non-profit sector provides a very valuable input to the whole EU economy, in particular in certain Northern countries such as Sweden.




Customs and transport : EU and U.S. engage to improve supply-chain security


Today, Algirdas Šemeta, EU Commissioner for Taxation, Customs, Anti-fraud and Audit, along with Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas, responsible for Transport and Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström, signed a joint statement on supply-chain security with U.S. Secretary for Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. This joint statement defines an ambitious agenda for enhanced bilateral cooperation between Commission services and their counterparts within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in charge of customs, aviation security, maritime security, research and development.  

Commissioner Šemeta said: "In a globalised world, no country can secure the supply chain in isolation.National supply chain security policies are ineffective and too costly unless they are supported by enhanced international cooperation. Through international cooperation we can ensure policy coherence, establish compatibility of national systems; and we can reduce costs."



Commissioner Šemeta on shared transatlantic customs and tax ambitions


Commissioner Šemeta today opened the plenary luncheon of the American Chamber of Commerce  to the European Union. In his speech Commissioner focused on the shared customs and tax ambition of EU and US.

Commissioner announced that the EU and the US are about to launch a deeper, more wide-ranging agenda for cooperation in the field of supply chain security. This matter will be discussed with the U.S. Secretary for Homeland Security Janet Napolitano on Thursday. "We will take forward a new cooperation agenda involving customs as well as other authorities in the area of aviation or maritime security, research and development." With the State secretary Commissioner also intends to discuss the cooperation project to facilitate the life of trusted traders. 


Commissioner Šemeta signals the momentum for more coordinated and coherent European action in taxation


Commissioner Šemeta visited Stockholm today, where he delivered an opening speech in the International Tax Conference. 

In his speech he signaled the momentum for more coordinated and coherent European action in taxation: "Faced with the crisis, we have made progress and there is today a greater awareness of the need for more coordinated and more coherent European action. The effect of this "new world order" on taxation is obvious. International tax cooperation has regained momentum and there is agreement that the principles of good governance in the tax area should be promoted globally. At the same time, our businesses are active across borders and tax policy should create a better business environment to ensure their competitiveness. Finally, tax reforms are seen as a key ingredient of our wider strategy on growth and jobs."


Commissioner visits Germany to discuss the questions of taxation


Today, 8 June 2011, Commissioner for Taxation Algirdas Šemeta visited Germany, where he met with the Members of the Financial Committee of the German Parliament (Bundestag). During his meeting Commissioner discussed present and forthcoming initiatives in the field of taxation, such as Common consolidated corporate tax base, Energy taxation directive, future of VAT and Financial sector taxation.

During his visit Commissioner Šemeta also met with the stakeholders to hear their views and discuss the questions of the policy coordination in order to foster growth and create jobs.



Europe strikes against the trafficking of counterfeit goods


"Flows of fake and smuggled goods threaten the integrity of the internal market. This is why the Commission has just launched an action plan to fight against smuggling of cigarettes and alcohol along the EU Eastern border. "Fireblade" sets a good example for stepping up our efforts in this field," said Algirdas Šemeta, EU Commissioner responsible for Taxation, Customs Union and Anti-fraud. – "I am pleased to see that this joint action taken by OLAF, other Commission services and national customs offices succeeded in protecting citizens, legitimate businesses and the EU financial interests."


Commission steps up its efforts in fighting fraud against the EU budget


In 2009 alone, Member States reported €280 million in suspected fraud cases involving EU funds Although this represents less than 0.2% of the EU’s total budget, the Commission is determined to push the fight against fraud a step further. In this context, the Commission today adopted its new Anti-Fraud Strategy to update and modernise its policies to fight against fraud.

Algirdas Šemeta, EU Commissioner responsible for Anti-fraud said: “We have an obligation towards EU taxpayers to get the most out of the EU budget. For this, we must lead by example in ensuring that EU money reaches the right beneficiaries and is spent on purposes for which it is intended. The Anti-Fraud Strategy is a key element to further improve budget efficiency, from the very beginning of the chain till beneficiaries of EU funds. A first outcome of this new approach is the Action Plan to fight against smuggling of cigarettes and alcohol along the EU Eastern border. The Member States and the EU loose billions of euros of tax and customs revenue every year because of the illicit trade in cigarettes. We must take every measure we can to stop this costly illegal activity."


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