Commissioner's speech in the "Europe's tax agenda for the future" ETPF and CEPS conference Brussels, 11 April 2011

Today, 11 April 2011, Commissioner Šemeta has delivered a keyonote speech on Europe's tax agenda for the future in the joint conference of European Tax Forum and Centre for European Policy Studies.

In his speech Commissioner stated: "the current economic environment, and the challenges our Members States are facing in terms of fiscal policies indeed show how crucial EU tax policy coordination is in our interdependent economies. This is more than natural as taxation is at the cross-roads of most of our current common challenges: smart consolidation, business competitiveness and fair competition."

Having set it as a background for further debate, Commissioner focused in his speech on financial sector taxation, corporate taxes, tax obstacles faced by citizens and CO2 taxation.

To read full speech of the Commissioner click here

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