Commissioner's Šemeta Speech in the Conference "Single Market. Time to Act"

Today, 8 February 2011 Taxation and Customs Commissioner Šemeta has shared his views on the role of tax and customs in the re-launch of the Single Market.

In his speech, delivered in the conference "Single Market. Time to Act" Commissioner said:

"In today's globalised economy, no Member State can deal with the challenges we face on its own. Only the EU, with a strong Single Market, can protect our common interests and values internationally, ensure a level playing field for businesses and establish a secure environment for citizens.

It is time to act. I intend to contribute actively to the re-launch of the Single Market with several important initiatives in the areas of taxation and customs.

Among these initiatives are:  corporate taxation, value added tax, energy taxation, tackling double taxation and a modern customs Union. "

To read full speech of the Commissioner, click here.

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