Taxation and Customs Union

Report on removing tax obstacles to cross-border venture capital investment


“... we must make an efficient European venture capital market a reality, and this means eliminating any tax obstacles that still stand in its way," - says Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta.


Public consultation on double taxation problems in the EU


The European Commission has today launched an online public consultation to ask individuals, companies and tax advisers for information on double taxation problems that they have encountered when operating across borders within the EU. The consultation will run until 30 June 2010.


Promoting good governance in taxation as part of development cooperation


Commission adopts a Communication on taxation and development, which  aims at increasing developing countries' domestic revenues through building stronger domestic fiscal systems and fighting tax evasion internationally.



New European Portal: Customs security procedures in a few clicks


The European Commission has launched the first phase of a new web portal to help businesses to understand and follow the customs procedures for importing goods into and exporting goods from the EU. Designed as a single point of access to relevant and practical information, the portal includes animated scenarios to explain each step of the import, export and transit procedures.



Commission services issue an analysis of the main innovative financing options


Innovative financing mechanisms provide a choice of modern tools which can serve multiple purposes such as improving the efficiency of markets, ensuring stability in the financial sector as well as fight against climate change.", Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta says.



OLAF targets illicit production of cigarettes in the EU


Commissioner Šemeta congratulates successfull raid of Lithuanian customs and OLAF in illegal cigarette factory in Vilnius.


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