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Dear journalists,

If you wish to interview Mr Šemeta or have queries on taxation, customs, anti-fraud, audit or statistics issues, please send a request by e-mail or by mail to the spokesperson Emer Traynor or press officer Franck Arrii. You can also contact the spokesperson's office by phone on +32 (0) 2 29/ 72221.

Lithuanian Media can also contact the Policy and Communication Assistant of Mr. Šemeta Cabinet Mrs Karolina Stelmokaite by e-mail and by phone on +32 (0) 2 29/53566.

To help us respond to your request as quickly as possible, please specify the subject and issues you wish to address, the media you are working for, your deadline and any other relevant information.

Thanks for your cooperation!




Tel.: +32 (0)2 29/ 21548
GSM: +32 (0) 498/ 98 38 71

Franck ARRII

Franck ARRII

Press Officer

Tel.: +32 (0)2 29/ 72221


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