Communiqués de presse Novembre 2010

Calculating adjustments in EU civil servants' salaries/pensions: the 2010/11 adjustment English (en)


MEMO/10/563    Date:  10/11/2010  The Staff Regulations lay down clear rules on the annual adjustment of remuneration and pensions for EU civil servants of all institutions and agencies, linking them to the evolution of purchasing power for civil servants in eight Member States representing 76% of EU GDP. EU civil servants' salaries thus move in line with those of national civil servants in the eight countries concerned (DE, FR, UK, IT, ES, NL, BE, LU). These rules do not give any discretion to the Commission or the Council to apply other criteria.

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European Parliament and Commission to join forces in a new step for improving transparency English (en)


IP/10/1498 Today, the High Level Group of the European Parliament and the European Commission concluded its discussions on a joint "Transparency Register". It reached consensus on a draft inter-institutional agreement for a common register for organisations and individuals engaged in EU policy making and policy implementation. The agreement is now subject to formal adoption by both institutions.

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