V-P Šefčovič backs plans for encouraging voter turnout in 2014 European elections

European political parties should nominate their candidate for the next head of the European Commission and national parties should make their European affiliations clear to all voters. These are just two of the recommendations adopted by the European Commission on Tuesday (12 March 2013) in a bid to encourage voter turnout in the next European Parliament elections in 2014. 

Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič, who recently put forward proposals to strengthen the role of European political parties and give them full pan-European legal status for the first time, welcomed the proposals, saying: "I am convinced that this recommendation, coupled with our proposal to strengthen the effectiveness of European political parties, will really help to stimulate voter interest in the European elections. That has to be a good thing, for encouraging genuine pan-European debates and for European democracy in general." 

The Commission is also calling on Member States to agree on a common voting date for the elections, traditionally spread out over a period of four days. 

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