Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union

The VP has intervened in COSAC (Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union) meeting this morning, on the assessment of relations between the Commission and National Parliaments almost two years since the Lisbon Treaty entered into force.

The Vice-President highlighted the need for closer cooperation at all levels to respond to the current crisis in Europe - he stated that first and foremost European institutions and national parliaments need to develop a shared vision of Europe to provide citizens with effective responses. In this context, he called on national parliaments to contribute to the ongoing discussion on the Commission's Workprogramme, which would be anchored on three main strands:

- completion of hte internal market, and in particular of hte digital single market;

- a final set of proposals to enhance transparency, stability and responsible behaviour in the financial sector;

- and highlight concerns surrounding necessary economic reforms, to ensure the long-term sustainability of our social model.

The VP concluded by saying that this is an enormous agenda for Europe, which can only be realised through an effective partnership with national parliaments. Indeed, national parliaments are at the heart of European politics, and that Europe is on the top of national political agendas; a very healthy development, and one which underscores the importance of political dialogue and cooperation between the Commission and national parliaments.

Speech 11/627: National Parliaments: Key Partners in setting the EU Agenda.

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