Changes to the Staff Regulations

Changes to the Staff Regulations

On Wednesday 29 June, the College adopted a proposal for the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) 2013 – 2020. It defines the budgetary means for all policies and programmes at European level until 2020 and will be decisive in shaping the EU in the coming years. 

The MFF also contains a small element which deals with the means which are necessary to finance the functioning of the EU institutions (the administrative expenditure). It represents only around 6% of the entire budget.

Nevertheless, it is a sensitive part, which is more than ever under close scrutiny from the Parliament, Member States and the public given the current economic situation. Therefore, the Commission has thoroughly examined areas for further efficiency gains with regard to staffing and staff rules, and announced proposals for some limited changes to the Staff regulations.

This marks the starting point for the social dialogue with staff representatives. Only after all these consultations have taken place, will a formal proposal be adopted by the College and submitted to the Parliament and the Council later this year.

IP/11/816 Commission responds to economic climate: more value for money from the European Civil Service

MEMO/11/473 Q&A: Staff Reform

Communication to the College pdf - 98 KB [98 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr) : Adjusting the European Civil Service to the challenges of today

PowerPoint Presentation ppt8 - 635 KB [635 KB] : Staff Reform

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