Commission welcomes civil servants from across Europe for "Erasmus Public Administration" programme

More than 50 civil servants from across the EU Member States are participating in a two-week training course in Brussels, visiting the Institutions, taking part in training exercises and shadowing EU officials. The "Erasmus Public Administration" programme is targeted at officials who have worked less than 5 years in national, regional or local administrations and who deal with the EU in the course of their duties. It aims to strengthen understanding of the EU institutions and decision-making processes, improve mutual understanding of different administrative approaches, foster administrative cooperation and create contacts between the participants.

Maroš Šefčovič, Commission Vice-President for Inter-institutional Relations and Administration, said: "When legislation is prepared, discussed and adopted in Brussels, everyone should understand how the process works, what the mutual needs and constraints are, what can be done when and what cannot be done…Even after legislation has been adopted at EU level, most of it must actually be implemented by national, regional and local administrations. The right implementation on the ground is crucial." The latest programme, with officials from 24 Member States, began on 11th October. In December, the pilot project will come to an end and the Commission is going to decide shortly on the extension of the programme.

Contact: Michael Mann: 02 299 9780

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