Vice President rehn's remarks at the informal Eurogroup and Ecofin Press Conferences


I would like to share with you a few brief observations on the European economy because I presented the current state of the European economy to the Ministers. The Commission will present its next fully-fledged forecast in early November, but we can already say on the basis of recent soft and hard data that we expect a recovery to set in next year, albeit a more gradual one than previously forecast, and one that is subject to risks. Moreover, trends in growth and employment remain very uneven across Member States and unfortunately in many countries unemployment is reaching very high levels for the moment especially youth unemployment, which is a serious cause of social concern.

"Towards a genuine economic and monetary union" - speech by Vice-President Rehn at the at the ECON Committee of the European Parliament


I believe that in moving ahead with our common vision, Europeans will not and cannot be divided into winners and losers. Either we all win together or we all lose together. If the impression gains ground that undue advantages are gained by some at the expense of others, the result will not be politically sustainable. We are already seeing some worrying signs of such sentiments.

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