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28/02/2014 - European Equal Pay Day: Gender Pay Gap stagnates at 16.4%

For the second year in a row, Equal Pay Day – marking the extra number of days that women would need to work in one calendar year to match the amount earned by men – falls on February 28. The gender pay gap – the average difference between women and men’s hourly earnings across the entire economy – has barely moved in recent years and still stands at around 16%.


25/02/2014 - The EU and the Rule of Law – what next?

Speaking at the Centre for European Policy Studies in September, Vice-President Reding outlined the possibilities of introducing a new rule of law framework for the European Union, calling on leaders to "be at least as ambitious when it comes to the rule of law and fundamental rights as the European Union currently is with building up new financial solidarity mechanisms, common fiscal rules and Banking Union." Such a framework would be ready before summer 2014.


23/02/2014 - Vice-President Reding participated in a Citizens' Dialogue in Barcelona

For over a year, Citizens' Dialogues have been taking place across Europe. On 23 February the debate came to Barcelona. Vice-President Viviane Reding debated with around 250 citizens in the "La Pedrera" in Barcelona. It was a passionate debate with Viviane Reding stating: "I don't want to lose Catalonia!".


17/02/2014 - "The EU is stronger with the UK in it" - Vice-President Reding gives the annual Mackenzie Stuart Lecture in Cambridge

Vice-President Reding was at Cambridge's Faculty of Law to deliver the Mackenzie Stuart Lecture, an annual public lecture in honour of Lord Mackenzie-Stuart, the first British Judge to be President of the Court of Justice. 

In her address, Vice-President Reding focused on the British relationship with the EU, arguing that the UK is stronger within the European Union, and the EU in turn is stronger with the UK in it.


11/02/2014 - Vice-President Reding participates in Mayors' Conference on Free Movement

Vice-President Reding is participating in a conference on EU Mobility at local level where she will discuss with mayors and representatives of local authorities from around Europe how to best tackle current challenges linked to free movement of citizens in the European Union. A study on the impact of the right to move freely and integration practices in six EU cities (Barcelona, Dublin, Lille, Hamburg, Prague and Turin) was also presented during the conference. The study confirmed that EU citizens go to other EU countries mainly for job opportunities and are on average younger and more likely to be working than nationals.


07/02/2014 - Vice-President Reding held a public debate in London

Since autumn 2012, Citizens' Dialogues have been held all across Europe. The 44th Dialogue took place in London today, where Vice-President Viviane Reding and UK Europe Minister David Lidington debated with around 400 citizens in London.