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Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship


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29/01/2014 - Disenfranchisement: Commission acts to defend voting rights of EU citizens abroad

The Commission took action to help EU citizens who lose the right to vote in national elections after moving abroad in the EU. “In letters, petitions and citizens' dialogues, citizens have made clear to us just how important this issue is to them. We have listened and now we are taking action," said Vice-President Viviane Reding.


28/01/2014 - Viviane Reding calls for a data protection compact for Europe

On Data Protection day 2014, Vice-President Reding called for a "data protection compact for Europe" - eight principles that should govern the way data is processed by the public and the private sector.


19/01/2014 - Viviane Reding receives 'Aenne Burda Award' for political courage

Vice-President Reding received the Aenne Burda Award for political leadership at the international DLD Conference in Munich on 19 January. The Aenne Burda Award honours influential female public figures for their visionary and successful ideas.


17/01/2014 - The Debate on the future of Europe goes digital

Throughout 2013, over 40 Citizens' Dialogues were held all across Europe. Now the debate has gone digital. On 16 January 2014, Vice-President Viviane Reding held a debate with citizens from across Europe in an online dialogue streamed live on YouTube.


15/01/2014 - Vice-President Reding intervenes on free movement and citizenship in the European Parliament

Vice-President Reding attended two plenary debates in the European Parliament on free movement and on citizenship, two topics which have seen a furor of public attention recently. Vice-President Reding defended the right of EU citizens to move freely throughout the EU and made clear that, for her, you cannot put a price tag on citizenship.