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Viviane Reding receives 'Aenne Burda Award' for political courage

Vice-President Reding receives the Aenne Burda Award for Creative Leadership, DLD Conference in Munich

Vice-President Reding received the Aenne Burda Award for political leadership at the international DLD Conference in Munich on 19 January. The Aenne Burda Award honours influential female public figures for their visionary and successful ideas.

"I am deeply honoured to be considered among the inspiring women winners of the Aenne Burda Award" said Vice-President Reding in Munich. "Mrs Burda always followed her own path, with vision, an innovative spirit and courage. These are precisely the qualities that I try to be guided by in the political arena."

In her acceptance speech, Vice-President Reding spoke about data protection, noting that, despite having first presented the European Commission's data protection reform proposals at the same conference in Munich in 2012, two years down the line, the new laws have yet to be adopted.

"Europe is losing time, too much time. Because some still underestimate the urgency of this reform," said Vice-President Viviane Reding. "EU Heads of State and Government have committed to a "timely" adoption of the new framework. But there has been very little action." Vice-President Reding called for action:

"It is high time political leaders showed determination. I wish to see full speed on data protection in 2014," and warned that "If Europe does not act decisively to establish a robust data protection framework that can be the gold standard for the world, others will move first and force their standards on us."