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28/06/2013 - Viviane Reding in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) to debate with citizens about the future of Europe

On Sunday Vice-President Viviane Reding will be returning to her home-town of Esch-sur-Alzette to participate in a debate with over 400 citizens about the impact of the crisis and their expectations for the future of the European Union.

Vice-President Viviane Reding said: "Especially in Luxembourg, the idea of Europe is a daily reality. Crossing borders is part of everyday life. Europe is part of everyday life. I am therefore expecting a lively debate with many ideas, suggestions and opinions on the role and future of Europe."


26/06/2013 - Roma Integration: Commission calls on Member States to deliver on their commitments

The European Commission has called on Member States to do more to improve the economic and social integration of Europe's 10 to 12 million Roma.

The call follows the Commission's progress report released today on the implementation of Member States' national Roma integration strategies, which is also accompanied by a proposal for a Recommendation, setting out a series of specific policy recommendations to help guide Member States in effectively implementing their strategies.


14/06/2013 - PRISM scandal: Vice-President Reding makes it clear the data protection rights of EU citizens are non-negotiable

Meeting in Dublin, Vice-President Reding and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder discussed the data surveillance programme, PRISM, in the context of the EU-U.S. Ministerial held on 14 June 2013.


06/06/2013 - Viviane Reding defends strong data protection rules at Justice Council

Today's Justice Council saw solid progress on data protection law, access to a lawyer, and fighting fraud against the EU budget, among other issues. Vice-President Viviane Reding represented the Commission at the meeting in Luxembourg.