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24/04/2013 - No more costly and bureaucratic stamps for public documents

Today the Commission proposed to abolish bureaucratic and unnecessary requirements for accepting people’s public documents as authentic in another Member State. Currently, when people move to another EU country and they want to register a birth, get married, register a house, or apply for a residence card or when companies want to prove their legal status, national authorities will ask for certified copies, certified translations and rubber stamps. The Commission is acting to get rid of these requirements and simplify people's and companies' lives when they exercise their free movement rights in the EU.


22/04/2013 - Vice-President Reding at the General Affairs Council on EU-mechanisms to safeguard the rule of law

Today Vice-President Reding participated in the session of the General Affairs Council in Luxembourg. Foreign Ministers discussed a proposal for an initiative on safeguarding democracy, fundamental values and rule of law in the European Union . Vice-President Reding explained what the current tools available at EU level to safeguard the rule of law are and how these could be developed in the future.

"What we are lacking," said Vice-President Reding, "is a better developed set of instruments to fill the gap between the 'soft power' of political persuasion, the role of the Commission as the guardian of the Treaties and the 'nuclear option' of Article 7."


17/04/2013 - Hungary and the Rule of Law – Plenary debate in the European Parliament

Vice-President Viviane Reding on Wednesday spoke, on behalf of European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, in the European Parliament plenary session on the situation in Hungary.

"The Commission's legal analysis is progressing at a steady pace, in an objective, non-partisan and fair manner, in full respect of EU law and principles. This is what we have done in all other situations such as in Romania last year."


12/04/2013 - Commission speaks with one voice on Hungary

Today President José Manuel Barroso sent a letter to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán confirming that, based on a first legal analysis, the Commission has serious concerns over the compatibility of the Fourth Amendment to the Hungarian Fundamental Law with EU legislation and with the principle of the rule of law.

This comes following an article published yesterday by Hungarian Justice Minister Navracsics claiming that Vice-President Reding had contradicted President Barroso's 'neutral' stance towards Hungary.


08/04/2013 - International Roma Day: Commission urges decisive action on Roma integration

On International Roma Day the European Commission urges EU countries to take the next steps towards integrating Roma. National strategies and a strong framework for action have already been established, and now "long term commitments, adequate resources and concerted action" at all levels is needed.