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Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship

Our blueprint – mapping Europe's future

Lighthouse with EU stars © EU

Today the European Commission presented its vision for the future of the European Union – a blueprint for a deep and genuine Economic and Monetary Union.

Vice-President Viviane Reding said: "This is an ambitious but realistic document that shows where we can and should go in the next 5-6 years. Our destination is clear:  if we want to preserve and strengthen Europe's position in the world, we need to turn our Economic and Monetary Union into a strong European Political Federation with a Monetary, Fiscal and Banking Union."

The crisis has triggered a necessary debate about where Europe stands. For Vice-President Reding, the EU's Justice Commissioner, it is essential to involve European citizens in this debate.

Vice-President Reding recently called on citizens all over the European Union to help set the policy agenda for the next years and shape the future of Europe in the biggest ever EU public consultation on citizens' rights which ran from May until September 2012.

Next year, 2013, will be the European Year of Citizens – a year dedicated to you and your rights as European citizens. Throughout the year, Vice-President Reding and her fellow Commissioners will be joining forces with national and local politicians to hold debates with citizens all across Europe – to listen to them and answer their questions.

Vice-President Reding has already held three such debates, in Cadiz in the south of Spain, in Graz in West Austria and in Berlin, in the heart of Germany.

This work will help guide the Commission's discussions on the future architecture of the European Union and will feed into the next citizenship report which will be published in May 2013 and which will outline concrete actions that need to be taken to remove obstacles preventing citizens from exercising their rights. Find out how you can get involved in the debate here.

Vice-President Reding has already outlined her vision of a post-crisis Europe in a five point plan for 2020 here.