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Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship


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25/07/2012 - Libor scandal: Commission proposes EU-wide action to fight rate-fixing

The Commission has adopted amendments to the proposed Regulation and Directive on insider dealing and market manipulation, following the recent LIBOR and EURIBOR scandals. Manipulation of these so-called "benchmarks" will be clearly prohibited by today's proposals, and be made a criminal offence. Vice-President Reding said: "We want to close any regulatory loopholes. There must be zero tolerance for manipulators in the EU financial markets."


11/07/2012 - Protecting the financial interests of the EU

In these times, where Europe must prove more than ever before that every euro in the EU's budget is well spent, it is important that the Commission shows its determination to fight crime affecting the EU's financial interests. With more than 90% of the EU budget managed nationally, common criminal law rules against fraud are needed to ensure that acts of fraud are prosecuted evenly across the Union.


05/07/2012 - Towards justice for growth and justice for citizens - with the Cypriot EU Presidency!

As Cyprus takes up the helm of the EU Presidency, the Members of the European Commission visited Cyprus on Thursday to discuss the way ahead, not least in the field of justice. "I am grateful to my Cypriot colleagues for their commitment and ambition to put the interests of European citizens and businesses at the heart of the Justice agenda for the next six months. These are the right priorities at the right time," said Vice-President Reding.