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Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship


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25/10/2011 - Stronger EU action to fight illegal drugs and new synthetic substances

EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding called for "concerted action at EU level" in the fight against illicit drugs. New synthetic substances which imitate the effects of dangerous drugs like ecstasy or cocaine are a growing problem. Over the past two years, one new substance has emerged every week. In response, the Commission has put forward the first comprehensive anti-drugs strategy at European level.


11/10/2011 - A Common Sales Law for Europe

Despite the success of the EU's Single Market, factors such as divergent sales laws remain barriers for cross-border trade. They make selling abroad complicated and costly, especially for small firms. They result in traders forgoing at least €26 billion in annual intra-EU trade, and 500 million consumers losing out on greater choice and lower prices.


08/10/2011 - Optional European contract law

"In the daily experience of traders and consumers, the legal diversity of Europe’s contract law systems, cherished though it may be from an academic perspective, can quickly transform itself into very concrete obstacles to cross-border transactions. I want to remove these barriers. This is why I will propose a optional European Contract law next week.